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If would like to advertise on the Looe directory please see below for more details and contact us:
Mobile or text on: 07540 500678


The Looe Directory is a major landing web site for searches on holiday accommodation related to Looe, and all things related to Looe come to that.
Try a search with Looe in the search terms and see where the Looe Directory comes, the Looe Directory has been very well placed on Google for the last 25 years.
The Looe Directory works hard to get the visitor to go to your web site where the visitor can make any booking or purchase goods.
The Looe Directory has never been a replacement for your own web site but to direct the visitor to your web site where you have full control and that it is doing that very well.
Having a listing on the Looe Directory will give your web site a major boost to it's search-ability within the search engines on the internet especially if it's a new web site.

A listing on the Looe Directory website is £52.00 per year with a description, contact details, e-mail & website links included, along with your own full page on the Looe directory.

Please look at the Looe directory website links to see what type of listing you would like. Send the image / images you require on the listing, the text & contact details I will place them on the Looe Directory for you.

One of the easiest ways I can get the image & details is from your website.
Please send your full postal address with the details that you require on the listing.

Are some of your images washed out in the highlights and not showing that great view you have! Are some of your images very dark in the shadows just so you can see some of the highlights. Only a professional photographer with the right equipment and know how will be able to get these sort of powerful yet shuttle images that just sell your accommodation, images that just look right with vertical lines that are vertical and not a missed placed wide angle shot taken in haste. Are the adjoining rooms so dark that they cannot be seen, a professional photographer can highlight the other rooms as well thus making a well balanced image that is just right. Specialising in the hospitality sector as well as commercial businesses for external and internal room shots getting those difficult to get images.
Prices from £60 please contact to arrange a quote.