The Looe Beaches

East Looe Beach is a large sandy beach with sea defences giving large seating areas and rocks to on the east side of the beach and Banjo Pier to the other. At low tide the beach is a large flat sandy beach and at high tide, still a large area of beach remains.

Looe Beach Looe Beach

The sandy beach means that the sea is fairly shallow ideal for paddling and swimming. It is a very popular beach for families and in the height of the season, it becomes very busy. No dogs are allowed on East Looe Beach at any time of the year, Looe beach is great in any season to top up your tan.
In the holiday season there are slides or trampolines and other activities for children on the beach. the toilets at the western side of the beach at the banjo pier, plenty of cafe's and town services.
The banjo pier is great for fishing when permitted and the pier is closed of during very stormy weather and very high tides, this can be spectacular during a south easterly storm.
The Banjo pier is a great place to view the beach and the boats coming and going from the Looe harbour.

Looe second beach Smugglers Cave Looe

To the east of Looe beach there is another beach locally known as second beach not much sand with rocks and rock pools, see if you can find the smugglers cave on this beach, a great spot for prawn fishing, great for snorkelling.
Dogs are allowed on this second beach. It is possible to walk to Plaidy and Millendreath beach but be warned this beach is very tidal so you can only do this at low water also the second beach can become cut off at high water.

Hannafore beach lies to the west of Looe from white patch rock at the harbour entrance at Hannafore point in the east, Hannafore beach then stretches towards port nadler beach in the west.

Hannafore Beach Hannafore Beach Looe

Hannafore beach is mainly a rocky reef beach with rock coming out of the beach at angles giving a very interesting beach to explore with many rock pools to capture your attention. the rest of the beach is mainly small stones but between the larger rocks there are some sandy gullies that are great for paddling and exploring the marine life.
Hannafore beach looks out towards Looe Island (St Georges Island) this beach tidal beach can almost be covered at high water and at low water on certain dates on the year it is possible to wade to Looe Island, there is a boat ferry that lands passenger on the Island from Looe harbour.
Hannafore beach is not for swimming as it's too rocky but great for paddling and and there are rock pooling, there are public toilets towards the western end of Hannafore and Tom Sawyers pub and carvery along with Hannafore Point hotel and the Fieldhead hotel in the eastern end of Hannafore, there are also many Guest Houses along Hannafore and beach cafe's. car parking is along Hannafore but it can get busy in the holiday seasons, there is a grass bank between the road and the Beach with paths and steps down to the beach.
Dogs are allowed on Hannafore beach all year round and there are plenty of dog poo bins please use these bins. Looe is dog friendly and would like to keep it that way.
Hannafore has a bowling green and tennis club towards the west end of Marine Drive.

Plaidy Beach Looe Millendreath Beach Looe

Plaidy beach a southerly facing beach, this beach is largely stony and at high water almost disappears, parking is also a problemas there is none.
Millendreath Beach lies at the end of valley and opens out to a sandy beach with rock pools at each side of the beach, there is parking at the car park just off the beach and the New Black Rock Cafe.

Seaton Beach

Seaton Beach a large beach stretching out towards Downderry beach, there is a large beach with a cafe, shop, toilets and a pub the smugglers all at the western end of the beach, the beach goes onto Downderry Seaton beach can be covered at high water and there is a elevated pathway on top of the sea defences.

Looe Bay Looe Bay

Winter and off season can be a great time to visit Looe, with spectacular coastal walk a deserted beaches, with great restaurants and pubs visit. why not visit Looe.

Millendreath beach and the Black Rock cafe. Millendreath is the next bay towards the east from Looe, see the video.